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Life Insurance Panic Shopping

The panic shopping for coronavirus planning doesn’t end with food, water and toilet paper. Some consumers are also panic shopping for life insurance.

In the face of widespread fears about infections and quarantines, many Americans are getting their financial houses in order.

Fabric, which offers instant online life insurance and other financial help, says it has seen a 50% increase in life insurance applications since mid-February.

The company has also seen a similar increase in the online wills it offers.

People “are thinking of ways to protect their families,” says Adam Erlebacher, CEO and co-founder of Fabric.

LifeQuotes, a national online life insurance agency, reports a 29% increase in applications requested since Jan. 20, 2020 – a date commonly used as the day the coronavirus became widely known.

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Note from our President:

During this time, we are receiving more questions and concerns regarding Life Insurance. While we have always encouraged the importance of owning your own policy, unfortunately times like these show us anything can happen, and we have more of a push to protect ourselves and loved ones. As we encourage you not to panic, we do have our financial services rep in the office from 8a-2pm Monday-Friday.

If you have questions or want more information, please contact me at we offered to assist our clients through email, phone and even zoom conference outside of those hours should we need to.

While we understand many of our clients are not working, we want you to know; there are many Term policies that are inexpensive and can cover you for up to 30 years.

Here are some examples:

30 year old female 250k for 30 years: $16.85/mo

35 year old male 250k for 30 years: $22.68/mo

45 year old female 300k for 30 years: $36.94/mo

50 year old male 250k for 30 years: $70.20/mo

*All examples are based off excellent health, non smoker*

Living Benefits are FREE with our term policies we provide. You no longer have to pass away to receive your death benefit. Should you acquire an illness listed on the policy, you may receive up to 90% of the death benefit amount while you are alive to pay: mortgage, rent, bills, medical costs that insurance doesn't cover, any costs of living. Point is, these are super beneficial to you, and if you have a policy that does not carry this; contact us and we'll work to either replace or add the additional coverage.

The time to get yourself covered is NOW. While you are healthy, while you are young and while you are able.

I look forward to assisting you during this time. Stay safe, stay healthy and stay positive!

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