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About Us

Our brand mission is to be our clients most trusted and valued financial and insurance services firm. Our vision is to empower everyone we touch through proper protection and building toward financial independence.

Whether you are looking to start saving for the near future or long term, maybe trying to find ways to protect your family or assets. Our experienced agents are able to assist an implement a strategy based on your needs utilizing the current innovations that exist in our industry.

eZEP financial professionals offer financial services and solutions from top product providers, we have the experience, tools and strategies to put you on the path to financial freedom.

A Smooth Sail to Financial Freedom 

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Meet The Team

Enrique Zepeda


At one point I became my biggest client, from there I felt I was obligated to create a crusade to provide financial literacy to as many households in America In order to find their finanacial independence.

Manuel Jimenez 

Director of Sales

Marina Del Rey/ Culver City

In this ever-changing economic climate, being financially savvy is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. I am proud to be the bridge between my clients and the financial information that can make a lasting impact in their lives. 

Victor Perez

Sales Agent

Los Angeles/Bellflower

My mission and statement is to help out families on how to be financially Savvy is order to build on their short and long term financial goals.

Peter Zepeda

Sales Agent

Long Beach

My goal as a financial professional is to assist families and individuals to meet their short term, intermediate term, and long term financial goals. This is all done through the means of education and having the right knowledge to make a wise financial decision that will pay dividends in the future 

Victoria Cardenas

Sales Agent

Los Angeles

My goal is to help hard working individuals become financially independent  by setting up a retirement plan  that allows them to maintain their  lifestyle upon retirement.

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